SatelliteSkill5 App User Guide

The SatelliteSkill5 Augmented Reality App is a one stop shop to learn about how information about Ireland is collected by satellite, why is it useful and how it can be used to solve challenges in Ireland today. The app is aimed towards Junior cert cycle students and caters for different interest, levels from those looking to get a basic understanding of how satellites work to those who want to gain access to real world informational data sets that they can use in their school projects. 

This guide will give a complete walkthrough of the app:

  1. Download and install the app from the Android or iOS store (not available yet). 
  2. Make your way through the intro slides, they will give you an idea of what the app is about. 
  3. On the Login Screen you can enter your ArcGIS account name, if you don’t have one you can follow the link to sign up or skip it for now. For each challenge you complete, you will be invited to join a group in ArcGIS that will contain relevant real world data sets of Ireland that can be used by students in their school projects. 
  4. On the home page you will be greeted by a number of “challenge” buttons, each button will lead to an interactive, augmented reality experience where you will learn about how different data sets can be used to solve a variety of challenges of life in Ireland, they include: Flooded Buildings,

The AR challenges include:

  • Flooded Buildings – students will learn how flooding data is mapped by the Sentinel 1 satellites and how it is used to identify buildings that have a high chance of getting flooded in Carrick-on-Shannon. Students will then unlock a map of all the buildings in Ireland. 
  • Might Mountains – students will learn about how the surface shape of Ireland is mapped and how it can be used to explore how rising sea levels impact on the mountains and valleys of Glendalough and how this shaped has been carved out by glaciers. Students will then unlock an elevation map of Ireland.  
  • Satellite Orbits – Students will learn about how Sentinel 2 satellites orbit the Earth and collect data about the density of forests on the Earths surface, identifying which areas of the Earth have the most and fewest. Students will then unlock data about what land is used for around Ireland.
  • Busy Boats – students will learn how the Sentinel 1 satellite maps the number of ships in a given area and how it can be used to track an environmental oil spill disaster.  

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