5*S: Space, Surveyors & Students

5*S: Space, Surveyors & Students provides fun, interactive and engaging educational content to teachers and students who are interested in learning more about Space, Satellites, Survey Data and SDGs. With our augmented reality app (SatelliteSkill5) students must harness the power of satellites and satellite data to solve a set of challenges set around Ireland. Students can present their school projects using inspiring, immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other multimedia content through ArcGISs powerful storymap tools. 

We offer school workshops and teacher training opportunities in these areas so if you would like us to visit your school then get in touch! 

5*S: Space, Surveyors & Students is a joint project between Maynooth University, Tailte Éireann, TU Dublin, Esri Ireland and the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland. The project is split into two parts:

  1.  Student and teacher ‘Storymap’ workshops designed to introduce participants to space based data using unique online mapping and presentation tools. 
  2. An augmented reality app designed to visualise complex space based data in new and engaging ways.

Storymap Workshops

SatelliteSkill5 App

Storymap Workshops:

A main goal in the 5*S project is to visit schools and deliver workshops to excite the next generation about space based and its uses and importance in solving the big challenges today. We also work to provide specialised training to teachers, so teachers can show students the mighty things satellites can do.

Workshops are broken down into 3 main categories:

  • School Workshops: In these in-school interactive and engaging workshops, students learn how satellites can be used and explore the role of satellites a topic in their curriculum. These workshops are delivered by our own Geomentors, industry professionals using surveying, satellite data and mapping in their everyday work.
  • Teacher Workshops: Trainings for teachers to use Storymapping tools and techniques, free and accessible to all teachers and students in Ireland through Esri’s ArcGIS for Schools programme. In these two-hour or three-hour workshops, teachers will learn how to integrate mapping and teaching about satellites into existing teaching material, or to create new satellite-based activities. Teachers will also have access to a large collection of tutorials developed by 5*S and designed specifically for teachers in Ireland, with step-by-step instructions for teachers to visit on their own time.
  • Copernicus Satellite Data and Software Training: Additional trainings are offered to professional surveyors and others who use GIS in integrating satellite data into their workflows.

Each unique type of workshop has common threads, providing insights into the benefits that Copernicus satellites have in helping Ireland reach a more sustainable future.

Augmented Reality App:

The 5*S project is developing an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app with the goal to aid Junior Cert students in the completion of their Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) projects. It introduces to them to satellite data about Ireland, where and how that data was collected and how it can be used to solve challenges in their communities.

By using new and powerful AR technologies, students can visualise and explore complex information about Ireland in and interactive and engaging environment, all from their phones or tablets. They will be able to understand: what type of information and data about Ireland is out there? how is the information collected? where can the information be found? and how is the information useful and how can they use it?



Science Foundation Ireland & ESERO Ireland:

This project is funded via Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland, find out more information about them below: